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Billbuster was raised on Friday night trips to the movies or stops at Blockbuster video as a kid. In college, he got a degree in writing and loves telling stories. He loves discussing the movies and TV shows about these stories and characters. His friends called him Billbuster and 'checked out' movies from his collection. He built a decent collection of used DVD and VHS he bought with what little money he had in college. Mostly grown up now, all of the comic book, superhero, novels, and stories he loves have made their way to the big screen and it is glorious! Even Star Wars came back and we're promised new movies for the foreseeable future. What a world!

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Nathan Warby

Featured Guest Blogger

Freelance writer/guest blogger specialising in movies/TV, gaming and music.

Currently guest blogging for SUPERflix Movies, freelancing for Exposed Magazine and creating content for Brainstain News. 

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Guest Bloggers start off writing under our Ghost Writer profile!


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