Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters

Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters

We've chosen our top four. Which Jedi or Sith do you most want to see in the Star Wars Movie Universe? Vote or add the Star Wars character you want to see most in the cinematic Star Wars universe.

Disney and Lucasfilms are looking to expand the Universe again. Rogue One is the first movie to be a standalone, non-saga story set in the Universe but not about the Skywalker's story. We're excited at what this can mean for the future of the franchise. This will be the first of many Anthology films. This could lead to Netflix series. We're hopeful maybe both.

Will we see one of these characters fully realized on film in a starring role? Will they use one of these characters as the template for some new and exciting hero or villain?

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The Sith Hero

Revan Sith and Jedi Master in Star Wars The Old Republic

From the Mandalorian Wars through the Jedi Civil War, Revan is as interesting and deeply conflicted character as the Old Republic has to offer. He is the dark Sith Lord who has his memory and force connection taken from him and suppressed by the Jedi council is an intriguing character to say the least. This master of the dark side not only provides the face of the Vader and Boba Fett’s like Sith appearance using Mandalore’s mask as his mantle, but also battles between light and dark while eventually marrying former rival Jedi Master Bastila Shan. His descendants form the basis for many future generations of adventures in the Old Republic. His story has spanned multiple games, comics, and a NY Times best selling book in 2011. While Disney is unlikely to use a character that has such rich development, he could very well serve as the basis for a centerpiece to a future Old Republic world. Kylo Ren and Episode VII definitely seem to use some of themes heavy in Revan’s narrative to drive their characters and story.

Mara Jade

The Empire's Spy Jedi

Mara Jade from the former Expanded Universe of Star Wars

What is more intriguing than a Jedi born out of being the Emperor's chief spy who later marries farm boy turned hero Luke Skywalker? It’s a pretty good bet at this point we won’t be seeing Mara Jade in the new continuity (although it is possible). However, we can definitely look forward to future characters who explore this world of intrigue within the larger Star Wars universe. Mara Jade has one of the most colorful stories among the Legends. Her ties to the Emperor, her life as a Jedi, and her Skywalker family make her particularly compelling. The gray area beyond light and dark is explored wonderfully in the complex character of Mara Jade. That is precisely what we look forward to as the Star Wars Universe expands into Anthology films.

Kyle Katarn

The Mercenary Jedi

Kyle Katarn from the Jedi Outcast Expanded Universe Series in Star Wars

We would love to see the world of smugglers and rogues in the Star Wars universe explored further, beyond Han Solo and Boba Fett. Star Wars is home to a rich canvas of space pirates and mercenaries from Lando and Han to Hondo Ohnaka to the Mandalorians. Kyle Katarn is the Jedi version of these characters. He is first a rebel warrior and mercenary and later a Jedi Master. Exploring the underworld of Star Wars while including some of the most iconic elements in the universe would be interesting and could work on TV or the big screen. Again, Star Wars most likely won’t re-tread a noted extended universe character but could create a new one based on this variation of the heroic archetype.


Quinlan Vos

The Anti-Hero Hunter Jedi

Jedi Master Quinlan Vos from the Star Wars Expanded Universe

The Jedi are far more diverse and colorful than we have seen on screen thus far. We have seen a Jedi burdened, “dogmatic,” ancient, and stagnant perspective heading into the Clone Wars. The Sith are the opposite, full of fire and emotion, passion, and seek only power. The conflict of these two opposing sides to the same Force comprises what we have seen so far in the Star Wars world. Yet, there are many characters who bend the rules. You have badass maverick Jedi like Quinlan Vos. Characters that give more complexity to the struggle between light and dark will drive the Star Wars Universe forward. They will pave their way with unique style and impact and drive compelling stories well into the future.

There are many more characters to come like Jyn Erso who give us a complexity to the Star Wars Universe we are very excited to explore. For now, Rogue One will start by exploring the impact the Empire has on ordinary people, not destined to battle for light by the Force, but who struggle to survive a time of much larger conflicts.

With Rogue One the first Star Wars Anthology standalone coming out this week, we're looking at the future of the Star...

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