Favorite Spider-man

Favorite Spider-man

Who is your favorite Spider-man?

We have seen three major versions of Spider-man on the big screen. Now that we have had time to digest the MCU's entry into Spider-man lore, who is the best (your favorite)?

Let's take a deeper look.

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Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-man exploded onto the scene in 2002. It was a different time. Movie visuals had stepped into the modern age and the comic book, superhero genre was just starting to mature. Spider-man quickly became one of the biggest comic book movies of all-time and is still one of the most beloved.

15 years later, many fans still put Tobey Maguire on comic-book movie Mount Rushmore. 

Tobey's Spider-man was light and fun (until emo Peter Parker). Some fans put his Peter Parker at the head of the class even if they love the new guys. Detractors didn't like the lack of Spidey's wit and some of the retcon's like shooting webs out of his body. Still a bit icky! But, Tobey Maguire was really the first and was able to leverage the source material with a wholly fresh and unencumbered way.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Ten years after the "original" movie Spider-man, Andrew Garfield took up the mantle in a total re-boot. 

Andrew Garfield brought back the wit and tech genius to Spider-man, but the film dumped Mary Jane for Gwen Stacy. The chemistry between the two actors was great, but many fans didn't appreciate the darker, more adult tone to Spider-man. To some, it felt like an angsty adult in his mid-20's not a 16 year old kid. 

Still, Andrew Garfield may be the best actor to swing onto the big screen as Spider-man and it isn't entirely his fault this Spider-man was burdened with re-treading the origin story. His angsty, dramatic take on the role did provide fans a gut-wrenching death for Gwen Stacy straight out of the comics, and a ton of great visuals of Spider-man in action. The franchise however buckled under the pressure and had some major missteps leading to the deal with Marvel. 

Tom Holland in Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

Tom Holland's turn as Spider-man drops the character right into the middle of an established Marvel Cinematic Universe. For many, this is the greatest thing that could have happened in the MCU while some fans want Spidey to stand on his own "eight legs."

Tom Holland falls right into the middle of a Civil War in 2016. Marvel followed up the super cameo with his own adventure this year with his Avenger mentor Tony Stark along for the ride. 

MCU Spider-man isn't a "man" and his adventure isn't a re-hash of the origin story we've seen several times before. This is high-school Spider-man growing up. He looks, feels, and acts like he is 16 years old even if he has super abilities. Spider-man Homecoming is one of the best reviewed MCU films and Tom Holland has been lauded as the best Spider-man by many fans and critics. He combines all the wit, humor, youthful joy, charisma, and genius of the Spider-man character. But, is he really the best? Some would say no. 

Some fans don't like a lot of the new "creative" presentation of the third movie version of Spider-man since 2000. Iron Man's place as his mentor doesn't sit well with some fans. A lot of debate around his Spider-sense has been fodder for geek discussions around the world. Kevin Feige and others have even notably weighed in on the spider-sense. The tech suit Spider-man wears for most of the film makes him too Iron Man-ish in many people's opinion. Aunt May is completely different and there is little mention of Uncle Ben. His mentor is instead Tony Stark and his motivation is to become an Avenger. That is hardly the same Spider-man many grew up with. Mary Jane is a total retcon as "MJ" in the movie, and a lot of fans didn't like Spider-man fumbling his way to becoming a hero through the movie.

Still, the movie is smash hit! The bar was raised extremely high for the third take on Spider-man in the last 15 years of film with his 7th major movie appearance. 

It's not an easy choice when you get down to it. Yet, we bet you already had your mind made up. Let us know your pick for "best Spider-man" by voting in our poll and commenting why you chose your Spidey. 

VOTE YOUR FAVORITE SPIDER-MAN ❤️ Spider-man 😆 Spider-man....

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