Favorite Marvel Netflix Original Season

Favorite Marvel Netflix Original Season

What is your favorite Marvel Netflix Original Season so far?

The Iron Fist is the latest entry into Marvel's Netflix Original series. Each season has been met with overwhelming critical and fan praise. We have loved every minute.

But, which one is your favorite? There can be only one. Vote here.  Or, click the IMAGE BADGES for your choice as you read below to vote on our Facebook Poll. 

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**BEWARE SPOILERS for ALL Marvel Netflix Originals**

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Daredevil started it all. Marvel brought the incredible MCU down to the street level with this gritty, groundbreaking superhero character drama. Matt Murdock the lawyer needed to don the mantle of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen to take on one of the best villains in the MCU, the Kingpin. The drama focused around the characters. The action was excellent and pushed the darker, more intense drama forward. This show shed the mantle of the kiddie MCU. 


Jessica Jones

The follow up to Daredevil was a big question mark. Your average MCU fan didn't know much about Jessica Jones. She didn't disappoint one bit. Jessica Jones moved from the physically brutal Daredevil into a dark psychological drama. Kilgrave was a powerful follow up to the Kingpin. Luke Cage was an amazing introduction to the MCU. Jessica Jones was a masterpiece.


Daredevil, Season 2

The follow-up season for the Devil of Hell's Kitchen was a surprisingly powerful addition to Daredevil's story. Frank Castle proved to be not only the perfect Marvel star power for the series. The Punisher provided the opposition to Daredevil pushing him, questioning his morale center as a hero. The series also gave us an escalation of the in your face dark action from the first series. The Kingpin and the Hand each made their mark on the series, but it was the Punisher who showed us a look into the inner depths of the Daredevil.

Luke Cage

Luke Cage continued the focus on character driven story by taking our story up the street to Harlem. The focus on community, style, and authentic flavor gave Luke Cage a unique feel. The big guy was forced into the spotlight as three different villains squeezed the people of Harlem in different ways. The drama eventually came close to home for Power Man, and he became forever a hero. We go deeper into the bulletproof hero from Harlem in our 5v5: Luke Cage The Good and The Bad.

Iron Fist

Enter the Iron Fist. The latest and last season before The Defenders later this year. Iron Fist introduces us to the final hero, and gives us a deeper look into the Hand. They are being pulled further out of the shadows and some of their partnerships have created powerful new heroes. Danny Rand returns from the mystical Kun-Lun as the Iron Fist set on a personal mission to find where he came from. He finds his old world controlled by a familiar foe, the Hand. Iron Fist packs a powerful punch. But does it stack up with some of these other heavy weights? See more of what we think of the series in our Iron Fist 3v3.

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