Favorite Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

Favorite Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

What is your favorite Guardians movie?

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 was a lot of fun and overall really well received. We enjoyed it a lot. Dive deeper in our 3 👍 v. 3 👎 Guardians 2.

But, was it as good as the first movie?


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Guardians of the Galaxy

Remember, this first movie was the MCU's first big gamble since the their opening year in 2008 with Iron Man and Incredible Hulk. Guardians was possibly the first big flop for Marvel. Nope!

It was an awesome adventure romp. The characters were hilarious, fun, layered, and interesting. The action was fun and people fell in love with Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and the gang. We saw Thanos pop in the middle and got to really get a good scene with him for the first time. 

But, time has proven that Ronan wasn't a beloved villain character. The dance-off finale has received some ridicule of the past year or two as to what is wrong with the MCU. 

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Naturally, it was a tough act to follow. The first Guardians was a BIG surprise hit. The box office started ok but people saw the movie in mass on the 3rd and 4th weekend at the box office. It was much bigger as the buzz of how fun it was caught up with the film.

Guardians 2 isn't getting the same level of buzz. There have been some complaints around Mantis and Ego. Some people missed Thanos.

But, most have lauded Guardians 2 as maximum FUN. We felt the same. We loved that the movie was able to continue the humor from the first film. It gave more strong moments to some of the less interesting characters from the first film, Drax in particular. Yet, the film was ambitious enough to go for some very serious beats. It really pushed the limits both from an action and adventure standpoint and went for some powerful character beats as well. It layered the characters even more but kept the fun rolling.


It's a tough call.  You decide. 

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