Favorite Wolverine Fight Scene

Favorite Wolverine Fight Scene

LOGAN is fast approaching, March 3rd. Logan will kick off an epic 2017 of superhero and comic book movies. This will be the last time Hugh Jackman claws his way through a Marvel adventure, SNIKT!

We want to commemorate his awesome run of over 15 years as the X-men's wild animal Wolverine. It's been a road of excellent highs and some forgettable lows as well. Yet, Hugh Jackman has always played Wolverine to fans delight! We've loved his run. Jackman, an excellent character actor, plays Wolverine AND Logan with heart and substance. Ranging from humor to rage, Jackman brought the animal to life as well as captured the human pain of living a life without end suffering his way through so much pain. Wolverine's pain was our delight as we have thoroughly enjoyed Jackman as a centerpiece to the X-men cinematic universe. We're excited about one last ride, but before we set of on old man Logan's final adventure...


Let's look back through some of Wolverine's best showdowns. His fight scenes have been extraordinary. We've watched with excitement since 2000 when X-men first hit the big screen. Over that long run, Wolverine has fought everyone from the Blob to Mystique to Shingen Yashida, rogue hunters, the Yakuza, a bastardized Deadpool, the Silver Samurai, two different Sabretooth's, Magneto, several different types of Sentinals, a water bed, and a house cat. It's been awesome!

Here are our nominees for the Wolverine's BEST FIGHT SCENES! VOTE NOW! Add your personal favorite in the comments on the Facebook poll.

Wolverine v. Sabretooth on top of the Statue of Liberty

It was 2000. An ensemble comic book superhero movie had not yet broken through to mainstream appeal. Enter Hugh Jackman and company in Bryan Singer's X-men. This movie started it all for ensemble comic book superheroes teams. X-men paved the way to later massive team ups like the Avengers, this year's Justice League, and the upcoming Infinity Wars.

Wolverine versus Sabretooth on the statue of liberty in X-men

The film capped a riveting, gritty adventure for Wolverine with a battle against his arch-enemy Sabretooth, on top of the Statue of Liberty no less. With the help of some now dated after-effects, the battle was awesome as Sabretooth punished Wolverine with powerful, crushing blows eventually tossing him off the statue. However, Wolverine pulls out the amazingly acrobatic save by using his claws to swing around one of the statues crown extrusions putting him back in the fight. It was the first of many Wolverine 😳 WOW moments to come.


Wolverine v. Stryker's Mercenaries in the X-mansion

The X-men follow-up didn't disappoint as X2 is still one of the most beloved X-men films and consistently recognized as the strongest of the original trilogy. The role expanded for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine was given a little more depth. Jackman taps into Wolverine's pure animal rage as the X-mansion is invaded by an old foe and his mercenaries. Stryker's goons quickly realize an animal prows the halls of Charles's school as he rages down the corridors of the mansion wreaking pure carnage.

Wolverine versus Stryker's Mercenaries.jpg

The fight showcased not only Wolverine's ability to unhinge himself and hold nothing back from his foes, but also his flair for the acrobatic as he leaps from a balcony to utterly decimate a few hapless soldiers of fortune.

Wolverine v. the House Cat

😂 We pay a little humorous homage to the excellent use of Wolverine as a foil for some well placed laughs. This epic battle wasn't just the first time Wolverine's anger was defused by a cute house pet. It was an expansion of the fish out of water elements to Wolverine being part of a team of superheroes that doubled as teachers in a school. The animal Wolverine has little place teaching in a school or mentoring teenagers. It's something Marvel's Thor and Captain America movies have built upon for superheroes to good effect. X-2 puts Wolverine in this situation enhancing the film's character and story driven success by humanizing the animal. Wolverine v. the house cat was a fun moment for the "art teacher" who looks for beer in a school. Well played!

Wolverine v. the Yakuza on the Bullet Train

Back to the heart pumping action Wolverine brings to cinema. In the best solo film so far for Wolverine, The Wolverine took on the iconic Japanese-centric comic Wolverine by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller. This engrossing story of Wolverine among a culture of honor, family, duty, and samurai saw some of Jackman's best Wolverine moments. It isn't all just a slash-fest for our hero. In many cases, his best moments are those that expand upon his base characterizations. They explore some of the other amazing physical and strategic elements that make up Wolverine, the warrior.

Wolverine versus the Yakuza on the Bullet Train

The fight sequence on the Shinkansen bullet train against a group of Yakuza to protect Mariko was powerfully visual and exciting. The fight, naturally, heads to the roof of the train as it speeds through a Japanese city on its way to seclusion in the south of Japan. It had to, right?! The injured and weakened Wolverine steadies himself against the incredible speeds as his foes use knives to anchor themselves amidst engaging in an high speed game of cat and mouse. The dangers prove too great for the Yakuza as Wolverine uses exceptional cunning and acrobatic skill to evade obstacles and force his foes to make costly mistakes. The scene stands among the most exciting and creative use of Wolverine's character as a warrior; acrobatic, cunning, and unwavering determination.


Wolverine v. the Black Ninja Clan

For our final fight scene in this poll, we take you to the lead-in to the final scene in The Wolverine. A rejuvenated Wolverine heads into the final showdown with the Silver Samurai by overcoming one final obstacle, the Black Ninja clan. The Wolverine was filled with extraordinary action sequences and fights, but none was set against a more iconic backdrop than the fight with the Black Ninja clan. The brutal showdown with Shingen Yashida showcased some of the best choreography for a Wolverine fight. Yet, we chose the Black Clan for its iconic imagery.

Wolverine versus the Black Ninja Clan

Wolverine enters into the small feudal Japanese town lying in the shadow of a towering example of modern Japan, Yashida tower. It shows the beauty of Japanese society, the modern mixed with the past. This canvas delivers the poignant beauty of the backdrop to a stunning visual fight. The town is blanketed in pure white snow while ninja's in all black silently surround their prey. The trap is sprung by their leader as he confronts Wolverine face-to-face only to find that he is outmatched by the revived Wolverine. Kenuichio Harada quickly falls back upon his strength in numbers and relies on a toxin to slow the raging animal down. It would prove wise. After a fight which included dozens of ninjas, sword play, a massive amount of arrows, and an exploding gas tanker, they are able to inject him with enough toxin via arrows to take him down long enough to bring Wolverine before the Silver Samurai.

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