Favorite Movie Trailer of 2017, so far

Favorite Movie Trailer of 2017, so far

What is your favorite Movie Trailer of 2017? (so far...)

There have been so many excellent trailers drop this year. We can't recall another year like it. With three massive blockbusters slated for the end of 2017, trailers in the early part of the year have been new and special! The excitement is building to a great 2017 at the movies!

Which one of these is your favorite?


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** Beware Spoilers from the Trailers **

Justice League

After 2016, we were cautiously optimistic. After the Justice League trailer dropped, we are psyched out of our minds!! You know I think. This trailer showcases the DCEU is improving greatly on some of their weakest elements coming out of 2016's Batman v. Superman. Did this trailer get you psyched enough to crown it the best of the year?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi 

We had this poll in mind a month ago with all of these amazing trailers dropping, but we had to wait for the BIG ONE. The Last Jedi didn't disappoint us. We love that it basically mirrors the Force Awakens teasers format because TFA had one helluva teaser trailer! This teaser gave away just enough to amp up our excitement another level. It's time for the Jedi to end. WHAT?! 😱 Wow! Want to discuss the trailer further? Head over to my discussion feature... Far, Far More to the Last Jedi Trailer Than You May Know

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

With Guardians 2 right around the corner, we didn't think the last trailer would be so EPIC! We were wrong. Groot, Rocket, everyone had an awesome teaser moment, and we even saw a quick sneak peak at Peter Quill's father Ego. Kurt Russell as a living planet, come on! How awesome is this going to be? The final trailer gets a little heavier on the plot of the movie. One more week!!! 


Thor: Ragnarok

We knew Thor Ragnarok featured the Hulk and some elements of Planet Hulk. But to see Hulk and Thor in the gladiator ring is something else entirely. That wasn't the only trick up this trailer's sleeve. Mjolnir destroyed, Hela unleashed, Asgard destroyed! YES!!!! It's unbelievable how much this trailer gave us to get excited about. We also know there is so much more. Doctor Strange is rumored to play a major role. There is a certain Infinity stone still out there and a war starting in 2018. We can't wait. The end of the year is going to as big or bigger than the summer!

Spider-man: Homecoming

This is a very different trailer from the rest of the films on this list. Spider-man looks to have a much more grounded story, and that is entirely refreshing in a packed 2017. It's time to head to class with Peter Parker as he grows up to become the Spider-man we've always wanted to see on the big screen (even though we kind of like them all). Tony Stark's Iron Man looks to play a major mentor role for the budding hero. We also got a glimpse of Michael Keaton's Vulture and he looks good! We learned a lot more about the Stark-tech in Spider-man's costume. It's going to be an incredible ride for the MCU in 2017!

Wonder Woman

The DCEU's next big test is right around the corner. The latest trailer for Wonder Woman lays out more of the plot, gives a few teases for Diana's journey and showcases the beautifully powerful Amazon warrior on Themyscira. We see Diana as a child, then training before she sets off to save the world of men! The action continues to thrill and the plot looks like it has the potential to be rich and well-developed. The double dose of Diana on the big screen in Wonder Woman and then JL is as exciting as anything happening in 2017!

What is your favorite trailer in 2017 so far? The trailers have been epic so far this year, and we've had one...

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