Best Action Scene of 2016

Best Action Scene of 2016

2016 was filled with unbelievable popcorn flick action! Every year, it seems the bar is raised significantly. The inclusion of practical effects into CGI after effects have created a system by which we are now seeing the most life like action sequences ever put on film. It's an exciting time to be a movie fan!

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The Warehouse Scene

Batman v. Superman had some of the best visuals in the comic book movie genre ever. Zach Snyder is a master of the visual on film. At the top of the list is Batman's warehouse rescue of Martha Kent. Batman promises Superman that he will save Martha. He delivers in epic fashion as he drops in on the thugs holding her captive. The fight choreography took stylistic cues from the Arkham series Batman video games. Batman has never fought so authentically to the character on film before. This is why Batman leads our poll with the warehouse scene.

The Airport Scene

Captain America: The Winter Soldier delivered some epic Cap action moments. Civil War raised the bar significantly, possibly even topping the Avengers. The airport scene was ripped right from the comics. This action sequence was an epic splash page of your favorite heroes in a dream team-up hero showdown. It delivered in every sense. Individuals battles between Cap and Spider-man, Cap and Black Panther, Spider-man v. the Winter Soldier and Falcon. The introduction of Giant Man and Spider-man. It even had lasting consequences as War Machine fell victim to the catastrophe Vision warned us about. It had everything you could want and goes down as one of the best action sequences of all-time.

The Hallway of Death

It has long been Star Wars lore that Darth Vader was a force to be reckoned with. His character has always been rooted in fear. The galaxy feared Lord Vader from the beginning of the saga many years ago. We even spent an entire prequel trilogy exploring how this great villain developed into the dark Lord of the Sith at the center of the Galaxy. Yet, never before have we seen him live up to his reputation on film as Darth Vader. At last, we now know the power and fear of the dark side as only Vader can evoke. Vader ignites his saber in darkness at the end of the hallway evoking the terror we would soon share with his victims. He is unstoppable, relentless, and without mercy. This is the Vader we have always dreamed of.

Fast Times at Xavier High

X-men Apocalypse delivered some stunning visuals to be sure. None was more impressive than Quicksilver stealing the show once again. In Days of Future Past, Quicksilver stole the show with the amazing and hilarious kitchen scene. The explosion of the X-mansion was the follow-up to that scene we could have only dreamed of. Quicksilver saves nearly every x-men in the film universe from certain death as the X-mansion explodes, which tends to happen to the mansion often. The hilarious and impressive slow motion scene set to music displays the fun and humor of the x-men universe in a way that offsets the amazing points of drama throughout the series. For it's incredible camera work, tone, and excellent use of humor, we nominate the explosion of the X-mansion and Quicksilver's romp through a fraction of a second.

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