Far, Far More to The Last Jedi Trailer Than You May Know

Far, Far More to The Last Jedi Trailer Than You May Know

The teaser trailer for The Last Jedi is finally here! It is amazing. Watch now. Let's walk through the trailer and discuss what we learned and explore some of the amazing hidden gems. We already discussed the title and debated who is The Last Jedi. 

Now, let's deep dive into this brand new trailer!

Beware of Star Wars SPOILERS, theories, and rumors beyond here. The trailer leaves a lot to suspense and doesn't ruin anything major, in our opinion, but please don't proceed if you aren't interested in discussing and speculating on the trailer. 


Luke Skywalker's One Truth

The entire film and the entire Star Wars universe now hinge on one single breathe of dialogue. Luke's motives are revealed in one chilling line. Goose bumps!

"I only know one truth. It's time for the Jedi to end."

Time for the Jedi to End.jpg

Wow! We won't know the full extent of what that means until December (and we don't want to). It is clear that not only our characters are in transition, but the entire Star Wars universe in flux. He also continues to tell Rey, "it's so much bigger!" referring to the Force and the universe. He isn't just talking to Rey. Star Wars will go on far, far into the future and maybe Luke is telling the audience to get ready. Will they reveal a new larger threat to the galaxy beyond the dark side? 

Luke's Journey

Kathleen Kennedy has been on record saying that The Last Jedi will be heavy on Luke Skywalker. JJ Abrams discussed how difficult it was to find a place for him to enter The Force Awakens, while Mark Hamill didn't know when he would enter with the implication being that they filmed A LOT that wasn't included in TFA. Behind all of this, Luke was clearly busy from a narrative point of view. He left to go find something.

This trailer gives some indication. We see shots of a hooded figure we assume to be Luke with R2 standing in front of a burning "temple" like building. We also see a wide shot with a narrow lit focused on a shelf of books. Another shot gives us a glimpse of someone looking at an old Jedi inscription. The Last Jedi will no doubt show us some of how Luke gets to his understanding that the Jedi's time is at an end. 

Mysteries of the Force and Beyond

The Star Wars film franchise has always been best served by a heavy dose of mystery and suspense. The Force Awakens re-ignited fans thirst for the unknown questions within the universe. The Last Jedi will continue to open up new mysteries and explorations both within characters and the larger universe. Luke's journey will illuminate much and reveal more mysteries to explore later.

Will there be a BIG reveal like Empire Strikes Back? We hope so. We also hope it is something satisfying and not transparent. The trailer clues is in that this is an adventure not single point narrative. That continues the tradition of detail into the narrative journey and exploration behind events, not just hollow fan service reveals. Perhaps we will learn more about Rey. Kylo. Snoke. 

Whispers in The Force

As Luke instructs Rey to reach out, she sees the light. There are some whispers as the camera slowly leads up to General Leia Skywalker looking over a star chart hologram. Then as she sees the dark, there are more whispers in the Force. It's very hard to tell what is being said, but they are no doubt important hints within, just like the vision Rey had when she first finds Luke's lightsaber. 

We hear a woman's voice, perhaps Leia's. Either the word help or love appear to be central. She could be saying "let me help you" or "I love you." This could be Rey's mother or it could be as simple as part of Leia's line from A New Hope 'Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope.' Either a hard clue or a simple symbolic reference, Rey is seeing something important.

The dark side whisper sounds a lot like the Emperor at first but could easily be Snoke. The words "dark side" seem to be central because, of course! Again, this could be simply the Emperor from Return of the Jedi talking to Luke or it could be something new. We hear "if you are dark side"...

The last whisper is even more faint as the shot moves in to show what looks like a row of a few books on a solitary shelf among a wooden tree like structure. This is very mysterious as there is no context. This voice sounds close to Yoda but could be an older Obi Wan. It's faint and hard to hear. We think it says, ..."bring to me"... 

What do you think these voices are saying? Please tell us in the comments. The trailer is here on YouTube and you can select to slow it to 75% and hear a little bit better what is said. 


Light and Dark

As Luke teaches Rey to reach out more clearly in the Force, we glimpse what she sees. Light. Dark. But, as Luke says, it is so much bigger! The Last Jedi will have a heavy dose of Luke, but it is clear that this journey is Rey and Kylo's to walk. 

Kylo Ren Unmasked

The Force Awakens took some deliberate steps to show Kylo Ren under his helmet in the Kylo persona and outside of it as Ben Solo. This isn't just symbolism. Remember, Kylo visibly cringed when Hux walked in and saw him without his helmet on. He took it off for his father before finishing his training. He spoke to and revered his grandfather's melted helmet.

Kylo Ren Unmasked

Now, we see a beautiful shot of his helmet (possibly Vader's but we think it is Ren's) destroyed on the ground. We're not 100% sure if this is Vader's mask or Kylo Ren's mask, but it is clear that Ben has shed his heritage and become more his own villain. Snoke alluded to this in The Force Awakens when he was sent to face father, Han Solo. Now we get to see what he has become. We think he will be the balance to "hope" Vader was in The Empire Strikes Back as the First Order and the dark side take the upper hand in the middle film of this trilogy.  

Rey's Pain

The Force Awakens gave us a powerful vision of the pain Ben Solo experienced thrusting himself into the dark side and suppressing the light. Rey's journey will be the focus of The Last Jedi and we see our first glimpses of her own struggle.

Rey's Pain

We also learn much more about our hero. She will be trained. It also is not going to be as easy as she had it in the first film. Her first steps appear to be far easier than her next. That much is clear. Yet, will she take up the purpose of her mentor to "end" the Jedi? How far will she get in her training? On a smaller motif, she is also definitely sticking with blue so far. While Luke changed his blade to green when he lost his lightsaber, Rey is taking Luke's original color into battle. We also appear to see Rey facing Kylo Ren again. No doubt, Kylo will not underestimate his foe this time. Will Rey be prepared? What will this confrontation reveal about Rey?

The First Order vs. The Resistance

Several shots of a larger war raging frame the trailer. We see walkers facing down a line of Resistance fighters. We see Captain Phasma resurgent from the flames. Poe and BB-8 clearly have a mission and a battle to fight. Finn doesn't get much time in the trailer. We only see him in what appears to be a healing stasis chamber, oddly not a bacta tank. General Leia appears to be watching over a large map planning the next move for the Resistance. We expect the First Order to strike back much in the same way the Empire did in the original trilogy. We just hope that they don't build another death star, cringe.

Poe Dameron and BB-8 Under Fire

We are so excited for Star Wars The Last Jedi to hit theaters this December. Check back with SUPERflix Movies to discuss the highlights as we get closer to the next Star Wars chapter. Comment over on Facebook and follow us to stay up on our latest features.

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