Five Points from "Hostiles and Calamities"

Five Points from "Hostiles and Calamities"

Guest Blog by Robert Mills, Destrus76's Mind Debris

The Walking Dead; Season 7, Episode 11

“Hostiles And Calamities”

Five Points From Episode 7.11

**Beware mild SPOILERS in our discussion**


The war is brewing between the Saviors and the "saved." As communities line up against Negan, we finally get a look at what has been going down in his own camp. Negan is keeping order with numerous power plays ruling by fear. Hostiles and Calamities gives us a personal view how a few of those under his boot survive. 

How Dwight and Sherry Survive

So Sherry was the one who broke Daryl out of Sanctuary? It obviously was NOT Dwight after his reaction when Darryl was missing after killing Fat Tony. Sherry allows Dwight to make a pivot that fans of the comics have been waiting for. Dwight lost the one person who he truly seems to have loved. In processing this grief amidst his reality, he has lost himself as well. This is how Sherry protects them from Negan. Dwight clearly blames the doctor for things. He framed him with the note that Dwight found in the wilderness, but the big question is why? What does framing the Doctor get Dwight?

How Eugene Survives at Sanctuary

Who was Eugene before the collapse? It really seems like Negan and his women appreciate his intelligence. Above and beyond that, Eugene always appears to be bluffing about his intelligence. Given what we have seen him do in this episode, it’s really quite possible that Eugene was some kind of chemical engineer prior to the collapse. I’m still not saying he was working with the Human Genome Project, but he was definitely not just a random guy of moderate intelligence. Bonus points for Eugene’s brilliant idea for how to keep the walkers upright at the gates to Negan’s compound. These metal walkers are going to come into play in the future.

Dwight and Eugene at Sanctuary in Season 7 Episode 11

Secret bonus

The cigarettes Dwight pulls out of his pockets are Morley’s! Morley's, they are the same cigarettes that the Smoking Man smokes in The X-Files. Not saying this is the same world, but this is at least an homage to the X-Files.

Double secret bonus

Eugene makes a Dungeons and Dragons reference when Negan’s wives call him ‘a good man’. He said he’s not ‘good, lawful, neutral, or chaotic’. This was my favorite line of the episode.

Life in Survivor-Land

Eugene looks happy with Negan. Sure, he is terrified and still a coward. Yet, he is respected. He has a purpose now as the new “Doctor” even if he is faking it to some degree. He has done enough to get himself some breathing room. He really seems to be taking to the opportunity that was given to him. Contrast this with Rick’s group and he was helpless, a coward, and forever a fraud. Despite contributing in different ways to Rick’s group, he was forever a fake. He seems to appreciate the freedom and respect, but is he just playing Negan? I cannot believe that he would so easily saddle up to the man that killed his best friend, Abraham, a few episodes ago. I have a sneaking suspicion this is a ‘long con’ that Eugene is playing.

Eugene is Negan?

Look Ahead

So, we are almost three quarters of the way through Season 7. Only 5 episodes remain. We have had to sit through all these different episodes to get everybody’s individual points of view. Expect that we are going to see the threads all start coming together as we build towards the conclusion of season 7 in 5 weeks.

How loyal is Dwight? Has the letter from his wife finally made him shift his allegiance enough to drive him against Negan when the war starts?

Why did Dwight frame the Doctor and get him killed?

How does Eugene feel about finally being ‘appreciated’ amongst The Saviors? Is this all just a game to get close to Negan so he can take his revenge for the death of Abraham? What will he do with the poison pills he made?

3 v. 3: LOGAN

3 v. 3: LOGAN

Who is the last Jedi?

Who is the last Jedi?