Don't Blame Negan

Don't Blame Negan

Guest Blog by Robert Mills, Destrus76's Mind Debris

Welcome Back To The Zombie Apocalypse...

Everybody is talking about Negan.  He’s the talk of the internet after the return of The Walking Dead on Sunday. People just can’t stop talking about him.

How they cannot stand him for what he has done.

How they can’t wait for him to get what is coming to him.

How he is a monster for murdering Abraham and Glenn with lovely Lucille.

Hell, some people even said they were DONE with The Walking Dead now and they didn’t plan to watch it anymore because they lost a character that they liked.

But…they are ALL missing the point.



The person who deserves all the blame for the deaths of Abraham and Glenn is actually none other than Rick Grimes.

Rick Grimes, Who Me?

Think about this for a second.  Let’s walk back down memory lane.  

Rick was the one who attacked the Saviors FIRST.

Rick was the one who thought he and the members of the “Ricktatorship” were virtually untouchable.

Rick agreed that they were going to do the dirty work for the Hilltop gang in exchange for some supplies and a cozy working relationship.

Rick campaigned and convinced the group on going to war against the Saviors because it was only a matter of time before they attacked Rick’s group.

Rick and the group struck first.

Rick Kills Gareth of the Hilltop Gang


What would RICK do if there was a group that had ambushed and killed 4 or 5 of his group?  How many Saviors did Rick’s group kill at the radar installation?  10?  20?

Everything that happened in the season premier is actually the fault of Rick Grimes.  Negan was doing EXACTLY what Rick did to the Termites (the Terminus group) early in Season 6 when they slaughtered everybody at Gabriel’s church.  Maybe they ate Bob, but they begged for mercy and Rick was having none of it.  He murdered every last one of them.


Negan The Humanitarian?

Why are we so ready to condemn Negan but we are giving Rick a free pass?  Hell, at least Negan spared the overwhelming majority of the group. He only killed Abraham and Glenn. He did it because he had to prove a point about who was in charge.  Rick was still bloodthirsty and claiming that he was going to kill Negan. This is AFTER Negan was getting even for what Rick did to The Saviors.

Negan Knocks on Rick's Weakness

We are already calling for Rick to kill more people, and more people, and more people.  By the way, Rick learns a lot of hard lessons in the comics because of his encounters with Negan and it looks like the show is going in the same direction.

So, as fans of the show, it’s time that we start to ask ourselves some really hard questions.  Not about the state of affairs in the show, but about US…the viewers out there in the world watching this drama unfold.

Are we just willing to accept that the evil acts that are committed by the characters that we ‘like’ are okay?  Why are the same acts committed deemed ‘evil’ and ‘wrong’ when they do it to characters that we care about?

Is Negan REALLY a villain? If Negan is a villain, then you have to accept that Rick is a villain as well.

It’s only a matter of perspective.

Rick Grimes's Consequences

Come back for more on The Walking Dead as we will discuss the consequences of Rick's actions throughout Season 7 and beyond!

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