Doctor Strange End Credits Scene Reveals So Much More Than You Know

Doctor Strange End Credits Scene Reveals So Much More Than You Know

POTENTIAL MAJOR SPOILERS for the First End Credits Scene in Doctor Strange and all MCU films leading to Infinity Wars.

Did Thor look a little "strange" in the end credits scene? The make-up seemed odd, and the way he was dressed was off.

Did he seem to be acting kind of pensive? He didn't really smile at Doctor Strange refilling his ale and he loves his mugs of ale. A little odd.

We thought so too. We know why. Are you ready for a HUGE theory? Last warning.

UPDATE MARCH 20th 2017:

So, Thor has short hair in the recently released images from Thor: Ragnarok... more info updated below.

End Credits Setup

Doctor Strange asks Thor why he brought Loki to Earth. Thor explains to the soon to be Sorcerer Supreme that they are looking for his Father, Odin. Wait...

We thought Thor was set for Ragnarok in another realm. He left earth searching for clues to who is playing the “intricate game” he referred to at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron (video below).

He left the Avengers searching for "infinity clues", not his Father who he still thinks is on the throne of Asgard. 

Thor still thought Loki was dead. A lot has happened since Ultron. Remember, mischievous Loki was impersonating Odin in the last scene of Thor: The Dark World. That didn’t make a lot of sense... until NOW!!

Loki on the Throne of Asgard at the End of Thor: The Dark World

So, how does Thor end up on earth with his "dead" arch-enemy Loki?

He doesn’t.

Doctor Strange hasn't met Thor just yet. That WAS Loki.

Mind blown? We thought so.

Loki God of Mischief

This reveals a huge lead in to the Infinity Wars. This also gives major insight as to Thanos’s master plan. Loki is still working for Thanos. We think he is there to steal the Eye of Agamotto which we just learned is the Time Stone. This puts Doctor Strange at odds with a portion of the conflict in Thor: Ragnarok. The Sorcerer Supreme may have a larger role in Thor's 2017 adventure if so.

UPDATE March 20th, 2017:

Doctor Strange has a larger role in Thor: Ragnarok. 👉 Check it out.

Thor has short hair in Thor: Ragnarok. 🤔 Check it out!

We think these two major details support our theory big time! Do either of these prove it? No, but it's hard not to take it more seriously with Thor's short hair and Doctor Strange's widened role. We'll know later this year!

What does this mean?

Marvel used Loki to masterfully put a great twist on the end credits scene. Misdirection. This will be huge for the MCU and is a lot of fun for us to speculate about in the coming year. We have a lot of thoughts about it.

Loki is in Infinity Wars. 

Thanos is still pulling Loki's strings.

Thanos and Loki are directly after one of the most powerful Infinity Stones.

They must have learned about its whereabouts from someone, perhaps a recently revealed big bad Dormammu. A little revenge for Doctor Strange's little bargain. Who else could be in league with Thanos?

This may be why Doctor Strange goes to the Avengers in the first place - to find the real Thor or to go after who he suspects is the thief of his precious stone.

SO MUCH HERE if this theory pans out. We believe it will.

The Infinity Wars have started!!

Tell us what you think of the theory in the comments. Are we crazy or did we just unravel a huge lead into the Infinity Wars?

Check back for our Review of Doctor Strange, and more on everything Marvel and Infinity Wars.

Loki Revealed in Doctor Strange

You can also read the article here on Moviepilot if you like. 


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