Discover a Mysterious Power at the Center of Star Wars Rogue One

Discover a Mysterious Power at the Center of Star Wars Rogue One

Guest Blog by James Speyer, Two Honest Guys

Warning: Article contains information from the expanded universe ‘legends’, the Star Wars Rogue One prequel novel Catalyst and official trailers. If you have been avoiding these, avoid this...

Warning: Article contains information from the expanded universe ‘legends’, the Star Wars Rogue One prequel novel Catalyst and official trailers. If you have been avoiding these, avoid this...

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is set for release in less than a month. The launch comes complete with a whole set of new characters and creations, from the highly-anticipated Jyn Erso, portrayed by Felicity Jones, to a new breed of Stormtrooper. However, one old ‘character’ will be hitting our screens in a big way, but I doubt it’s a ‘character’ many fans even know exist.

I am talking, of course, about Kyber Crystals.

Kyber Crystals in Rogue One A Star Wars Story

What is a Kyber Crystal?

Kyber Crystals have existed in the cinematic universe since day one, but have not once been seen or even mentioned — in the 7 live-action movies at least. The crystal is a powerful gem that is entwined with the force, naturally occurring on a select few planets.

Incredibly rare they were, amongst other uses, the power source for our favorite sci-fi weaponry: Lightsabers.

In the expanded universe and in the TV spin-off Rebels — along with numerous guides, encyclopedia and games — Kyber Crystals have seen plenty of limelight. Mystical gems, both Jedi and Sith used the crystals to power their weapons, it is said that Jedi have a very personal connection to the crystal within their lightsaber. Yes, very much like one Harry Potter and his wand — the crystal chooses the Jedi, Mr Skywalker

We see a glimpse of this in a deleted scene from Return of the Jedi, where Luke crafts his legendary green lightsaber.

So, the Kyber Crystals have played an important part in Lucas’s movies since A New Hope appeared back in 1977, but they have always very much played a background part. Until now.

Although no official announcement has been made, we have reason to believe Kyber Crystals will play a prominent part in the newest addition to the Star Wars cinematic world.

What We Know About Rogue One So Far

Disney has been very careful with the trailers and teasers for Rogue One when it comes to letting us know exactly what is going on. However, we do know enough to start piecing things together.

While the overarching plot is clearly based on retrieving the schematics for the doomed Death Star, we suspected another, deeper subplot revolving entirely around our force-infused friends.


Jyn has a Kyber Crystal

In the newest, international trailer for Rogue One, we see Jyn Erso with what appears to by a Kyber Crystal around her neck. Why do we believe it’s a Kyber Crystal? Well, it looks like one for a start. It’s jagged, entrancing and resembles what we’ve seen in Star Wars Rebels and other materials.

Jyn Erso Given the Gift of a Kyber Crystal in Rogue One A Star Wars Story

In the trailer, the necklace is gifted to Jyn by her mother, Lyra Erso. While handing over the artifact, her mother tells Jyn to ‘trust the force'. This seems to be a pretty clear indication that the item has force related properties, as there is no evidence that Jyn or her mother are force sensitive at this point. Clearly, her family have knowledge of the force and the power of Kyber Crystals. Which brings us to our next point...

Jyn’s Father is Building the Death Star

It was long suspected that Jyn's father played an instrumental role in the construction of the Death Star, and recent trailers have confirmed the theories. But why Jyn's father? We believe it has to be related to his knowledge of Kyber Crystals, as referenced by the family ties, Jyn's necklace and the prequel novel, Catalyst.

Empire Recruiting Galen Erso in Rogue One A Star Wars Story

The Empire are Occupying a Sacred Jedi Planet

In numerous trailers for Rogue One, we are treated to a staple of the Star Wars universe: a dusty, sand planet. This planet was officially confirmed during the 2016 Star Wars Celebration a Jedha, a mecca of the Jedi world. While the Jedi have been eradicated, it still stands as a bastion of their faith.

In the Star Wars Rogue One trailers, we see what appears to be a Jedi temple, and a crumbled statue depicting the legendary peacekeepers. The planet itself also seems to be under the occupation of the Imperial Empire.

How Will Kyber Crystals Play a Part in Star Wars Rogue One?

Kyber Crystals could hold a very significant role in Rogue One. Used by ancient Sith Lords to power super weapons, it is possible the empire gained inspiration from these previous world destroyers. The idea came from Sith master Sheev Palpatine after all.

Kyber Crystal Youtube Discussion by our friends Star Wars HQ

The problem is, Kyber Crystals are very rare. While some might still remember how to find them, even fewer will know how to harness their energy. In the prequel novel to the Rogue One — Catalyst: A Rogue One Novel — Jyn's father, Galen Erso, was experimenting with Kyber Crystal research. In the trailers, we clearly see the Empire come from Galen, and there can be no other reason for his involvement in the construction of the Death Star than his prior knowledge of the crystals.

Galen Erso's knowledge of Kyber Crystals sets all the wheels in motion, bringing Jyn into the fray. They are indeed the catalyst for the story. But what else can we expect from them?

To use Kyber Crystals in your massive super weapon, you have to harvest them first. Most Jedi found their crystals on Ilum, an ice-bound planet on the Outer Rim. However, Jedi didn't just stumble upon these crystals, and it was said to be a powerful and spiritual journey. Accessing these crystals may have been beyond the reach of the Empire.

But, they must have obtained enough crystals to power the Death Star. Spoiler alert, it becomes operational — R.I.P Alderaan.

An interesting note about Jedha is that we see it under Empire occupation in numerous trailers. However, their involvement goes beyond the simple control of the planet. With Star Destroyers hanging overhead, Tie-Fighters screeching through the sky and heavy-weapons like AT-ST and hover tanks on the ground — along with battalions of Stormtroopers — it appears this isn't a simple occupation of Jedha, it's domination.

Empire Occupation of Jedha in Rogue One A Star Wars Story

The presence of so much force can mean only one thing: The Empire is after something. In a movie in which the catalyst for the primary story is Kyber Crystals, it would seem apt that the Imperial Empire have attacked this mecca of Jedi in search of the rare and powerful stones. The potential for them to be in old lightsabers or ancient vaults is pretty high, where else would relics of a bygone era be stored?

Kyber Crystals bring a conflict to Jedha, but that conflict also brings our protagonist Jyn. Jyn is seen in multiple locations on the dusty Tatooine wannabe. Watching the trailers, especially the international trailer, it is clear that Jyn's home world is green and luscious, a far cry from the rolling dunes of Jedha.

Clearly, she is on this planet for a reason. Could this be where the Death Star plans are? If Galen Erso and others are based on this world while they search for enough Kyber Crystals, this could be where she reaches her father and steals the Death Star plans.

Jyn Erso Battles Stormtroopers in Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Later we see Jyn off-world, on a tropical planet confirmed to be called Scarif. On Scarif, Jyn appears to be carrying a data drive, potentially containing the stolen plans. As we see Donnie Yen's character with her on this planet, a likely force-sensitive monk believed to be from Jedha — either born or living on it — we can only assume this scene takes place after the events on the ancient Jedi planet.

Basically, **** goes down on Jedha and it’s all thanks to some tiny stones.

Jyn Erso with an Important Item in Star Wars Rogue One

Our Kyber Crystal Conclusion

It’s all Kyber Crystal clear — sorry.

We are pretty sure Kyber Crystals play a pivotal role in the way things pan out for the movie. The requirement of for crystals to power the Death Star draws in Galen Erso, which in turn brings in our leading lady Jyn. The Empire’s ruthless quest to construct the ultimate power in the universe takes them to Jedha, where much of the drama will develop.

While these little crystals might be quite innocuous and rarely even mentioned, they are the core around which this entire movie unfolds.

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