2017 Comic Book Movie Preview

2017 Comic Book Movie Preview

It's 2017 and it is a BIG year for movies. It is a HUGE year for Comic Book movies. For the first time, Marvel studios has three films coming out. Hugh Jackman's time as Wolverine comes to an end in what looks to be an epic telling of the Old Man Logan story line. This may also be the last Singer timeline X-men film. You never know. Spider-man debuts in his own film for the first time in the MCU. Iron Man is in it. Thor has a team-up of his own with Hulk and Doctor Strange in what may be his final MCU solo film for awhile. The first of several female led comic book movies will come out as the incomparable Wonder Woman hits the big screen. Oh, and did we mention the JUSTICE LEAGUE finally becomes a cinematic reality. How big is that? HUGE.

We preview each of the upcoming films. We also give our predictions for the worldwide box office as well as an aggregated critical and audience score prediction using aggregated style scoring system. (NOTE: The scores are not official, have no affiliation with aggregated review websites, and are fun estimates ONLY). We think there will not be a bad comic book of these six in 2017. Then, it's your turn to tell us you predictions and vote for the movie you are most excited for in 2017.

I'm ready to VOTE now.



March 3rd, 2017

X-men started the modern comic ensemble era in 2000. Hugh Jackman was a fill-in for Dougray Scott as Wolverine because Mr. Scott was busy with Mission Impossible II. Jackman would go on to build an incredible career on the character Wolverine. Bryan Singer was also the new "it" Director having completed Usual Suspects. Little did the world know this kind of comic film could succeed and would lead to some of the most epic cinematic journeys of all-time including the Avengers and this year the DC ultimate team-up of the Justice League.

Logan looks to be a crescendo for the character and the original Singer X-men timeline. It's post-apocalyptic setting, tone, and R-rating may make for a film with substantial heart, and set a new standard for dramatic, adult themes in film making for comic book movies. Johnny Cash's music for the trailer, COME ON! Talk about your gritty films, Logan. Even Deadpool is jealous.


Worldwide Box Office $714,654,958

83% Critical and 76% Audience Score

Guardians of the Galaxy 2

May 5th, 2017

The Guardians return with a little companion you may have seen in the trailers. BABY GROOT! The trailer looks amazing and James Gunn looks to have a very strong follow-up to the surprise hit Guardians of the Galaxy. New to the cast will be Kurt Russell as Ego the Living Planet. Incredible!

The film also may have a few surprises up its sleeve like many other Marvel films. Will we see Adam Warlock delivered on the epic Easter Egg from the first film? Will Thanos make a return (even though they've said he won't)? Could this be the resting place for the final infinity stone? We're excited to see if they can recapture the magic of the first film. So far, so good!


Worldwide Box Office $979,184,643

90% Critical and 92% Audience Score

Wonder Woman

June 2nd, 2017

Wonder Woman stole the spotlight as she jumped off the page and onto the big screen in Batman v. Superman. Slashing at Doomsday, saving Batman, and ultimately being every bit the warrior princess from the comics.

Her trailer looks even more epic as they look to continue to build her mythology on screen. The lasso and combat movement for Amazonian look incredible. We hope the story will match and the DC films universe can build some steam headed into their second film of 2017.


Worldwide Box Office $784,865,124

54% Critical and 76% Audience Score

Spider-man Homecoming

July 7th, 2017

It was early 2015 in the dead of winter when Marvel and Sony made a little announcement that changed the comic book movie genre forever. Spider-man would return to the MCU in partnership with Sony. The deal was the stuff of dreams for many Spidey and Marvel fans.

Spider-man made his debut to cheers and an overwhelmingly positive reception in Captain America: Civil war. Now, we finally will see what Marvel and the MCU have in store for their web-slinger. Apparently, it's high school. Mentored by Tony Stark, Spider-man will face off against more than just puberty and girls. He will go toe to toe with Michael Keaton's Vulture in a very surprising and interesting casting. There is a lot riding on this film for Spider-man, and everything looks good so far.


Worldwide Box Office $1,114,111,210

89% Critical and 81% Audience Score


Nov 3rd, 2017

Breaking with tradition, Marvel has THREE films this year from the MCU in theatres. Spider-man tipped the scales to AWESOME this year. Thor, however, isn't looking to be outdone by the little guy. He is packing some major punch in the follow up to his lukewarm sequel. Hulk has long been confirmed for this buddy space adventure with some of the Planet Hulk story line to feature. There is also recent news that Doctor Strange is confirmed to have a significant role. We picked up on this with a creative read on his End Credits scene, and fans have jumped on-board with our theory.

Thor's team-up looks to be very similar in structure to the Captain America trilogy finale Civil War. Marvel is pulling out all the stops and have left the film two weeks before DC's most important film in an big budget comic book showdown this fall. Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, and Keith Urban join the already incredible cast. We expect this movie to expand the MCU substantially and lead directly into the long awaited Infinity Wars. This film has our eye this year as a potential sleeper to be the year's best. It has steep competition.


Worldwide Box Office $847,865,991

91% Critical and 90% Audience Score

Thor Ragnarok

Justice League

Nov. 17th 2017

This is the big one. The film where childhood dreams are realized. Batman. Superman. Wonder Woman. Flash. Aquaman. Cyborg. The Justice League has arrived. We don't care what you thought about BvS or Suicide Squad. We don't even care what we thought about the films. It's 2017. We are all in for the Justice League. We know we're not alone in our excitement. Will this be the biggest film of 2017? The DCEU is going to hit a home run with this one, we just know it!

What is going to bring these heroes together? How will Arkham play in? Will Superman return or will he be the like Luke Skywalker and only fade into the credits? Darkseid? Mother boxes? Green Lanterns? Unite the Seven!


Worldwide Box Office $1,437,713,947
84% Critical and 91% Audience Score

Justice League 2017 DC Comics

It's going to be an absolutely epic year in 2017 for comic book move films, and we are so excited to witness and enjoy the adventures. Check back as we'll be taking in depth looks at these films heading in and discussing them after we've all seen them.

Check back in a few weeks as we will do a second preview filled with the rest of the biggest in geek movies for 2017.

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