The Riddler's Workshop

The Riddler's Workshop

Welcome to the Riddler's Workshop where you can find answers to all of your writing riddles.

Please contact your mentor if you have any other questions. 

Article Knowledgebase
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Writer Resources

Article Knowledge Base

Best Ways to Brainstorm Topics, Arguments Great Article on Hubspot!

Different Types of Articles Critical Review, Lists, Controversial, Blog Series...

Article Types to Attract Intelligent Readers Great article, most applicable to SfM

Article Structure

Tips for Writing Engaging Articles

Tools Help

Create your Google Account (if you don't already have one)

Google Docs 101 Create, Share, Review, Submit

Using Google Chat to communicate with your mentor


Writer Resources

Hemingway App Mentors will run your article through this tool. It is a great way to focus your writing style and move to a final draft. We use it on every article. 

Headline Analyzer Create and fine tune your headlines with this tool. Your mentor will help with this as well.

SUPERflix Movies Writing Process Learn more about the process we go through from writing to review and finishing with publishing.