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We're creating something special. We're building an audience that is highly engaged in our articles about Geek Movie and TV.

It's pretty simple really.

Especially with our advertising, it is still all about our readers and viewers!

We aren't about bombarding our readers with ads they aren't interested in.

We won't sacrifice their experience for obnoxious pop-ups and a few quick bucks.

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Why advertise with us?

Our readers are exceptionally targeted and highly engaged.

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Movies and TV Show Viewers.

It's no mistake that Geek culture is dominating the entertainment landscape.

Superhero movies and TV shows alone are expanding their worlds and properties beyond even billion dollar revenues. 

Disney, Marvel, DC, Warner Bros, Fox, HBO, Netflix, AMC, ABC, the CW, and many others are heavily invested in the GEEK audience from age 24-45. That's the age group spending money on their kids and on themselves. They are the ones who grew up with Star Wars and want to share it with their kids. They are the first kids who wore Spider-man pajamas and now want to buy the same for their children.

Highly Passionate fans. 

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Better Content. Genuine Conversations.

More Interested Customers.

It's no mistake that we are growing one of the most engaged and interested GEEK audiences in digital publishing.

We engage our readers and social media followers genuinely on their terms and provide them content they love because we're fans too.

Our audience starts with us. 

We're keeping pace with and in some cases out performing competitors with millions more "likes" on Facebook than us. It isn't by chance.

We're like the "Spartans" of Geek Entertainment.

Our audience is loyal and engaged in the properties we cover and the content we create.

We like to say, one of our followers is worth 1,000 from the big entertainment sites.